Employing Technologies To Enhance Student Participation

Employing Technologies To Enhance Student Participation

Define TechnologyConsequently, technology integration may not appear the way we want it to till our students move beyond familiarity with tools and into getting in a position to pick the right tool for the job. Whilst this clearly cannot be an adequate definition of the term, it nonetheless can serve as a basis for reflections on technology in that it provides us at least some sense of what it is that we are reflection on. Using technology” in this incredibly loose manner makes it possible for us to connect reflections on very diverse concerns and phenomena as being about – in the broadest sense – the identical issue.

So if all of our empirical attempts to define a MOOC are ending up in contradiction or absurdity, possibly we need to embrace a definition that puts purposeful educational analysis and experimentation at the heart of the MOOC project and then take a look at who gets to be (or remain) in the club and who has not however paid the entrance charge.

Analysis of the method of teaching and studying: Educational technology tries to go over the notion of teaching, analysis of the teaching method, variables of the teaching, phase of teaching, levels of teaching, theories of teaching, principles and maxims of teaching, the concept of understanding, relevance of the theories, the relationship between teaching and finding out.

We typically do not know the probability that one thing may possibly go wrong, and often we even do not know, or at least not fully, what may go wrong and what possible damaging consequences may possibly be. To deal with this, some authors have proposed to conceive of the introduction of new technology in society as a social experiment and have urged to believe about the circumstances beneath which such experiments are morally acceptable (Martin and Schinzinger 2005, Van de Poel 2009b).

The antidote may require to be a citizenry whose education in science and engineering is much greater, a profession whose concentrate on ethics is significantly higher, and a government that insists on considerably more funding for exploring the moral and societal implications – and controls – of what the race for discovery and commercialization tends to make achievable.