Aitoa Elämää

Aitoa Elämää

Life ShortcutNecessary! I hope that all who have the chance to learn the valuable writings of Enoch and look at the movies and transcriptions concerning this matter will accomplish that, for Enochs writings have been preserved for this technology and if we name the title of Christ it is our responsibility and privilege to review these for the purpose of increasing our understanding of the guts and thoughts of God.

Enoch reveals to us what God instructed them. God tells them, for what purpose have you ever left the high and holy heaven and defiled yourself with ladies. These angels left their first estate to dwell among the many human race. God was offended with them for they they followed not His Character, purpose, and plan. He informed them you had been everlasting for all of the generations of the earth, in other words there was not a purpose for you to have insisted on a unique plan or sample than that which I had supplied for you. They wished God to determine them because the pattern, whilst Christ, who can be our only sample that will come from holy flame to flesh and again to holy flame. The watchers by really asking this of God were affronting God and His Christ. That is why he mentioned to them none of your petitions which you requested shall be granted you. Quite a curse and extreme sentence has been handed upon you.

I’ve been involved on this topic for the last 3 years. I discovered a site called pillar of Enoch and also observed that creator Patrick Heron and Tom from Raiders enews discuss with this book often in their publications. The very first thing that alerted me to Enoch was the point out of the Nephilim and in addition that some New Testament books quote him.

I assumed it was attention-grabbing how Melchisedec was taken up into the heavens before the flood and returned after the flood to establish a priesthood of data just as God revealed to Enoch knowledge for this generation (us, now). We are fulfilling the priesthood after the order of Melchisedec by means of Jesus Christ and partaking of the writings of Enoch (information) in this era as it is written by means of religion within the covenant of Jesus Christ.

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