7 Tips for more Likes and comments on Facebook

7 Tips for more Likes and comments on Facebook

Social networks are a channel to communicate with our followers and position ourselves as a brand or company. But for social networks to be effective they must have life, movement and interactions. A page of FB where only the publications of our blog or the latest news of our products appear, does not serve much. If our followers see that the page does not bring anything interesting, and does not motivate them to participate, sooner or later it leaves us to abandon. And what is worse, the image of our brand will be harmed.

The main problem in Facebook is that we do not know how to get our followers to participate (Give it like, leave comments, share publications, etc. Maybe you will need this link for the first time if you need more followers for your business, The Fastest Way, The Best Link to increase your status likes, only one click in this: Buy Facebook status likes.To get this interaction I use some tips that other people and blogs have been sharing, and the truth is that there are some that have worked me pretty well. If they work, you will see the change in the metrics that periodically sends you FB. Try these tips and you will see the difference.

The 7 tips for Facebook:

# 1 Greeting can make a difference

Just writing “Good morning”, “Happy Monday to everyone” or “Going well on the weekend” has a very positive effect. On the one hand “humanizes” your page, since your followers are aware that behind the profile there is a person. And on the other hand, the fact that someone is greeting you or wishing you a happy day, predisposes you to respond (comment) or thank you with a “like.” Such a simple thing, and a priori so silly, can make the difference. Just keep in mind to post this kind of greetings when the time is right. Saying “good morning” at mid-morning or “good night” at one o’clock in the morning does not make much sense. Try to leave comments on the most active slots in FB.

# 2 Improving the Good Morning / Evening / Nights

If you see this tactic working, you can still improve it. There is one thing I have seen throughout this time on the net, and it is that most of us like philosophical or transcendental phrases. Those phrases that leave us a message that inspires us or gives us to think. That is why, if you want to attract much more attention you can mend greetings with these types of phrases.

# 3 Messages always accompanied by image

It is important that if you leave a message, accompany it with some image. That gives it a lot more force and draws the attention to FB fans. If the phrase and the image arouse the interest of the followers, many interactions can be achieved. You know, a picture is worth a thousand words.

# 4 turns on the controversy with provocative images or phrases

This is another strategy to get fans to launch comments and likes. But beware! Do not hurt sensitivities. Do not get wet, do not take sides, just create the controversy and let the fans give their opinion. Try to be topics of general interest. If you touch the fiber, you are sure to get results.

# 5 Questions for Feedback

Do not expect followers of the page to take the initiative. Surely this conversation sounds to you.

“How come you did not tell me?”

-Because you had not asked me

Well in FB the same thing happens. If you want the fans of your page to comment, ask them. We all like to give our opinion or contribute our experience and what better occasion to do it than when we ask. How should the questions be?

Open questions (that the answer is not a simple “yes” or “no”)

Simple questions (that fans should not think too much about the answer)

Fun questions (there is nothing better to encourage them to participate than play and fun)

You can also contribute your bit by responding to any of the comments and generating more interaction.
Another option is to generate surveys through the application offered by FB.

# 6 Share interesting content with your audience

One mistake in which we fall the great majority is to put information generated only by us on the wall of our page. And that is fine, but from time to time also have to bring fresh news from other places. If you share information or news of interest, chances are you get quite a few “likes” and occasional comments. You have to upload some videos too on your Facebook account, and then you need to tell all your friends about that videos, to slow, wasting time, so I suggest to you to Buy real facebook video views, saving more times, fast respond, and the best site to buy facebook video views.

# 7 Ask the “Like”

Do not ask for it very often because it will not work, but from time to time you can ask likes of the fans of your page. Do not you think it works? Well believe it or not, when you ask for a “like” people tend to give it to you. People are generous. Try it and tell me. That yes, you should keep in mind that the number of likes will depend on the number of followers of your page.

# 8 Humanize your FB with intimate pictures

No, I’m not telling you to hang up the photos of your last vacation. What is involved is to bring your business or business closer to FB fans. You can put a picture of the team that makes up your company, the photo of your desktop or the computer from where you write them, the views from your office window, or even a picture of your favorite coffee cup. They say that social networks are cold. So make your FB a warm place for your fans. Well, these are some of the “tricks” I use on my FB pages. Some of them have been using them for some time and others have been implemented recently, but all of them with good results.