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Books That Are Worth A Second Look

Reading provides numerous benefits and one of it is keeping you informed of several things that might new to you or not at all. Whatever genre of literature you are reading, an autobiography, fiction and more, one thing is in common and that is you get the privilege to experience what other people tried or done in their life. Undeniably some books are just so fascinating in such a way that it stays with you for a lifetime, whether you relocate to another place they are also packed along with your other things. If you feel unhappy then might as well grab a book and be inspired even if it is just temporary. There also books that gets more appealing the time you reread it. Here are some of the books that is worth a second look.

The first one is entitled The Sixteenth Round written by Rubin Hurricane Carter.

If you are not acquainted with the author then perhaps you might be puzzled why the title goes that way, well he is a boxer. At his time, people are very cognizant with the skin color they have as a matter of fact this became the grounds for prejudice among the people in the society. He was exposed to violence which in turn leads him to make a living out of it as a matter of fact he was in and out of jail because of minor incidents, the first one is when he protected his friend. It was like a survival to the fittest scenario and so the only way through it is to fight back. In his life, he come across a time wherein everything is going in the right direction that eventually led him to met a woman who became his wife. But things didn’t work out that easily for him because he was convicted by a crime later on. He was accused as one of people involve in some nasty robbery.

The description was not vivid but he was the one convicted for a crime that he didn’t commit, the description was a man with black colored skin that is in a nice car. During this time the book entitled The Sixteenth Round was written in order to prove him innocent of the case. There is more to this book that will encourage you to take a look at it the second time around. Furthermore, his life was even made into a film. For quite some time a boy was able to read the book that he had written. This was the first book that he had read so far.

The boy was so captivated with the book in such a way that he wrote and letter to Rubin. Along the way he was able to convince his family to help Rubin’s family and fight for his freedom. He was able to obtain his freedom when it was found out that the police forces were into corruption and dishonesty in their services. This is just a manifestation of how powerful books can be and if you are able to watch the film, you will surely feel surge of emotions such as empathy, thrill, excitement and the like.

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