Learning The “Secrets” of Campervans

Learning The “Secrets” of Campervans

Choosing Camper Van Rentals

It is crucial that you pick the right motorhome or camper van rentals especially when exploring new places. So if you are currently on the process of choosing one, see to it that you take into mind some of the factors below. By doing so, you are increasing your odds of being able to get your money’s worth.

Tip number 1. Time of the year – the rates of rental will vary a lot much like any other travel trips and expect it to be costlier during peak travel seasons. If you have flexible schedule dates on the other hand, it is best that you travel outside of peak dates.

Tip number 2. Location – considering whether you must go for a 4 wheel drive or not is also an important thing to consider. Majority of the campervan rental companies only allow 2WD motorhomes and campervans to be driven on closed roads. If you are planning to explore off-road tracks, then there’s no doubt that you must get a 4 wheel drive campervan.
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Tip number 3. Your budget – it will be ideal to consider an older motorhome to rent in the event that you’re following a strict budget. When premium rental companies started replacing their fleet of vehicles, their older vans are rebadged under a different rental company but of course, for a reduce price. Still, they tend to have 24-hour roadside assistance and is maintained well, which makes it an excellent option when you’re travelling on budget.
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Tip number 4. Know the distances to be travelled and length of hire – say for example that you will be renting the campervan for more than a month, then it is more crucial that you’re making the right choice for which vehicle to pick. Slightly bigger vehicles are providing more storage and space but, this is a trade off with its rental rates and drivability. We know that it is integral to have good and comfortable sleep at night during long distance travels and with that, the motorhome has to have quality bed included. In addition to that, it’s your responsibility to check if the water, waste tanks and fuel is good enough to cater your needs along the trip.

Tip number 5. Shower/toilet – you must know the essence of having facilities like shower and toilet in your camper van rentals if you want to have freedom while camping. This could be built in the motor home or you can hire a portable toilet/shower. Potable dry toilets are actually great option when travelling as there is no need for water and it makes an easier disposal of waste at the same time.