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Finding a Local Florist

The present day floral industry is a dynamic, global, fast-growing industry, which has achieved significant growth rate during the past few decades. Today the orders for flower arrangements are growing with customers demanding more than the usual styles but they are seeking more creative and unique ones. With countless florists posting daily Instagram inspirations, the scale of pairing off has been multiplied. And not only that, with the possibility of sending flowers globally customers can now just pick and choose any flower that wish to send to someone and which can be freshly harvested from any foreign nation and sent to the recipient in that location.

That part of the story tells of its good and wonderful side. But, if you read the experiences of other customers online, you will note that some have not had the same wonderful experience as other hand, and even as they had paid for their orders, they are still hounded by problems. You can read all sorts of other horrible nightmares of online shops from excuses to not even getting a refund for a mistake that they have nothing to do with.

Is it, then, more advantageous to buy at your local florist’s shop?

Consider riding a plane for many hours and your feeling once you have gotten off the plane. Plants are fragile, and if we grow weary of long travels, what more plants who have to travel in the inconvenience of the luggage area? Then compare this with flowers purchased from a local producer. The flower from the local florist will enjoy its ride to your doorstep better. And because they have not been battered, you can expect that they would last longer, to make whomever it was intended for enjoy it extensively.

Also remember that you are buying from a local garden that unlike those large farm producers that have to breed flowers with thick stems and other characteristics that will ship well, your local florist plan their flowers for its scent with no pressure to ship them out. The fragrance of a flower has as much importance as the color and the arrangement when you choose to buy flowers to give to someone special. It is not a good thing to spend money on something that looks like one but doesn’t smell like one.

Besides, come to think of it, when it is local and in small production, it means less disease and pest problems. It is easier to manage smaller farms that’s why there are less problems.

Lastly, you are supporting local families who are lovers of flowers themselves, and getting the full retail prize means that you are encouraging them to keep producing.

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